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Don't mind the drilling and the screams, his current patient probably has just a cavity. Was that a chain saw I heard? Learn more.

Your research colleague suspects Yellowstone's Super Volcanoes eruption is eminent, threatening thousands. Will you save them or yourself? Learn more.

Your family has pressured Grandpa into taking a new drug from their clinical trial. He's started to go crazy, seeks revenge and it's your turn to check in on him. Learn more.

Uncover the mysteries & conspiracies of the Great Tahoe Deception of 1964, from the mob to Frank and Marilyn, and the horrors beneath the deep waters of Lake Tahoe.    Learn more.

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across the street from Fudruckers next to Forever 21 - e108

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to have a super power? Stop by the comic shop to release your inner hero. Learn more.

Deep in the Pacific Ocean lies an underwater laboratory for the brightest researchers and scientists, but the team has gone dark. With the pressure failing at crushing depths, you must hurry to find out why. Learn more.

Nevada ghost towns are famous for their paranormal activity and unexplained, especially its hotels. With the hair on the back of your neck standing up, are you brave enough to explore one? Learn more.

Magic is an industry of secrets, so the latest tricks behind the stage are worth gold, but be careful not to be discovered – you might just disappear. Learn more.

Have you ever played an escape room and wished you could play against another team, friends, co-workers or family members? Now is your chance. Two cloned rooms have been designed for a battle royal style gameplay that is completely unique to the area.  Learn more.

Key and Code Escape Rooms - Sparks, NV

The Legends - across the street from IMAX Theatres - b103