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Apollo Conspiracy

Most Commanding Room!

Quick Details

Location Location: Reno Costco Center – Next to Capriotti’s

Clock Duration: 60 minutes

Tachometer Difficulty • • • • 4/5

  • Room Details: Darkness/low lighting
  • Private: All games are private, only your team is allowed in the room. No strangers.
  • Restrictions: Anyone 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult and players younger than 18 must have a signed waiver from their parent or guardian

One small step……or was it?

July 20, 1969 changed American space exploration with the first human to walk in space after the Apollo 11 “lands” on the moon. Was that a historic day or was it faked?

You have one hour inside the top secret NASA production studio to uncover whether Project Icefall was the biggest hoax in history.