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Dr. Ensaine

Very Popular Room!

Quick Details

Location Location: Legends Mall next to Forever 21 Street Side – Suite E-108

Clock Duration: 60 minutes

Tachometer Difficulty • • • 3/5

  • Room Details: Light physical agility, confined spaces, darkness/low lighting, graphic horror décor
  • Private: All games are private, only your team is allowed in the room. No strangers.
  • Restrictions: Anyone 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult and players younger than 18 must have a signed waiver from their parent or guardian

Discover Dr. Ensaine’s bloody secrets

A local dentist, Dr. Ensaine, has been renting a space from you for his thriving dental practice. You’ve never had any problems with your tenant, who always pays the rent on time, but lately, you’ve been noticing a change in his routine…and you’re becoming suspicious. He’s been staying very late at night…and some of the patients who have entered the office don’t seem to be exiting at the end of their appointments!

Is it just your imagination, or are the sounds coming out of his suite NOT those of a typical dental office? Instead of the usual suction and cleaning noises, the sounds of drilling and grinding followed by terrified screams and moans fill the air. And was that a chainsaw you heard just now? Something is definitely wrong. You’ve observed that each night, the doctor leaves for an hour and then returns. Tonight’s the night…you decide to seize the opportunity to sneak into his office and see what he’s been up to! But you’ve got to work quickly… he’ll be back in 60 minutes and if he returns and finds you there…you may never come out alive!