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  • Coming 8/27

Merlin’s Last Quest – Dark Realm

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Person All Ages

Enjoy the Merlin’s Last Quest – Dark Realm

For nearly 30 years Merlin, the world’s most powerful wizard, was enslaved and kept prisoner by the maniacal King of Swords, a tyrannical ruler viler than any before him. Deep inside the dungeons of Chateau DeVille, Merlin was forced to use his power for evil and conjure spirits from the dark realm to aid in the King’s global conquests. 

One night during the changing of the guards, Merlin was able to prepare a potion of invisibility and escape the sinister dungeons once and for all. Now, as Merlin sits upon his deathbed waiting to pass on to the Great Below, he has called on you in the hopes that you can help put an end to the King’s reign of terror. 

Aegneus, the King’s mystical dragon has finally fulfilled her prophetic duty and laid eggs that hold the key to the fate of the world. It is said that whoever is the keeper of the eggs, shall have the power to control the 4 great elements: fire, wind, water and earth and thus control over the known world. 

While Merlin keeps the guards busy with a delirium spell you and your team of aspiring young wizards will have exactly one hour to break into the Chateau DeVille, find the potions chamber and retrieve the dragon’s eggs before its too late.