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  • 30 Minute Experience
  • New Room


Quick Details

Location Location: Legends Mall next to Forever 21 Street Side – Suite E-108

Clock Duration: 30 minutes

Tachometer Difficulty • • •  3/5

  • Room Details: Darkness/low lighting, Graphic Horror Décor
  • Private: All games are private, only your team is allowed in the room. No strangers.
  • Restrictions: Anyone 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult and players younger than 18 must have a signed waiver from their parent or guardian

Arm Yourselves Against the Undead

Zombies? Flesheaters? Is it possible?? Your Uncle George has always been a bit of a conspiracy nut. When you used to hunt and fish with him, he’d talk of Area 51 and the “truth” behind JFK. You always laughed him off, but lately he’s been holed up in his hunting cabin, leaving you increasingly strange and panicked voicemails about the FBI, the ensuing bloodbath, and the “end of the world” that is coming.

In town, the convenience stores are out of gas and the shelves are empty. People are starting to panic. Could your Uncle George have been right?? Will you soon be having to arm yourself against undead strangers trying to slaughter you?