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Tohua Island

On Location Escape Game Adventure!

Quick Details

Tāwhirimātea, the God of Weather, is threatening the island, return his tiki’s before he unleashes his wrath!

Hawaii’s god of weather is infuriated. He is angry because his children have been kidnapped by the god of war, who is jealous because he married the most beautiful goddess in all of the Hawaiian Islands and she gave him 8 children. The god of war has stolen the children and is holding them hostage on a secluded island. He has trapped each of the children inside a wooden tiki and left behind clues and puzzles so he may find his hidden location.

The god of weather is threatening to decimate Tohua Island with torrential storms and hurricanes until his children are returned to him. The fate of this breathtaking Hawaiian island is endangered and only you can save it by solving the puzzles, rescuing your tiki child, and returning it to the correct position. Only after properly reuniting all 8 children with their powerful father will the island of Tohua be saved!


Tohua Island On Location Adventure

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