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  • Coming 8/27

Collision Course

Quick Details

Person All Ages

Repair your ship!

You have just awoken to an alarm sounding, something is amiss, and you shouldn’t be awake from Cryosleep yet. You look at the timer on your pod. You should still have 3 years left before the ship arrives to its destination. What’s going on? 

An automated voice comes on over the speakers:

“Warning Alert. Warning Alert. Engine Systems Down – Impact Damage to Engine Room. Complete Cognizance Tests to obtain Ship Clearance.

Warning Alert. Cabin Pressure- Lowering. 60 minutes remaining. Override autopilot and correct flight path.”

You discover your ship was hit by an asteroid while you were blissfully resting in Cryosleep. The ship’s engine room has been badly damaged, and you now have 60 minutes before the total loss of cabin pressure, and your ship floats off into space forever. Repair your ship, reroute the navigation course to put you back on track and save yourself and your fellow explorers.