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  • Coming 8/27

The Demon Barber

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Person All Ages

Discover Demon Barber

There have been a series of disappearances in London, and everyone is on edge. The men of the city have slowly gone missing, and the city is becoming darker and darker with the mystery, soot and grime of the industrial revolution. 

Your friend didn’t show up this morning as you had previously arranged to meet and, knowing the last place he had gone was the Barbershop, you decided to investigate. You asked a street kid to stake out the Barbershop for you; he came running back to let you know the Barber left saying he’d be back in an hour. You have 60 minutes to break into the Barbershop, find and rescue your friend and get to the bottom of these disappearances, before the Barber comes back to give you a close shave!