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  • Coming 8/27

Merlin’s Last Quest – Holy Grail

Quick Details

Person All Ages

Retrieve the Holy Grail

It’s been nearly 60 years since Merlin, the world’s great wizard, passed on to the Great Below. One morning you receive a mysterious message from a passing eagle. Strangely the message seems to have come from Merlin himself and asks of you to return to the School of Magic at once. In it Merlin tells you that he is in fact not dead but rather stuck deep inside a dark, ethereal realm, by a curse set upon him from the powerful witch Mythusia. 

The only way to set Merlin free is to retrieve the Holy Grail and bring it to him at once, thereby granting him access to the Boat of the Netherworld. Can you reverse the protection spells inside Merlin’s chamber and retrieve the Grail before it’s too late?