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Tohua Island

On Location Escape Game Adventure!

Quick Details

Tāwhirimātea, the God of Weather, is threatening the island, return his tiki’s before he unleashes his wrath?

The crazy old ladies from all of the villages got together to take a vacation and have left Tohua Island. The village chiefs were excited to learn the crazy old ladies won’t be around to cause chaos for today’s island celebration. However, even though the crazy old ladies are off the island, their craziness is still here.

Before leaving, the crazy old ladies locked up all of the little tikis which represent Tāwhirimātea’s children. This act has angered Tāwhirimātea, the god of weather, and now there is a big storm forming over the island threatening today’s events. All of the little tikis represent the various weather elements like squalls, hailstorms, and rain. The chiefs hope once the tikis are returned, the weather will clear and the festivities can begin.

It is up to you to locate, unlock, and return the tikis as soon as you can!


Tohua Island On Location Adventure

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